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Do-IT Solutions is a specialist company provding a modular accessible online assessment and monitoring system, helping individuals to access education and employment, overcoming hidden barriers such as challenges with living and learning.It provides person centred guidance, monitoring and tracking tools assisting organisations to deliver their objectives and data management systems to help with current and future service design.


During Dyslexia and Dyspraxia Awareness weeks, Do-IT launched “Dyslexia+ and Dyspraxia+ tools”. This included free Dyslexia and Dyspraxia(DCD) screeners with guidance.
Helping to raise awareness of the BDA, Dyspraxia Foundation and Dyspraxia Association in Ireland’s work.

Personal Profilers

I want to know if I have signs associated with dyslexia or other learning difficulties, such as dyspraxia. I would like some practical guidance to help in work or with my studies to help reading, spelling, note taking or organisational skills.


I am working in a school, college or university and need screening and assessment tools to provide person-centred solutions across our organisation, including study skills, specific learning difficulties, literacy, numeracy and emotional wellbeing measures.

Into Employment

I am working in Welfare to Work and need a system to identify barriers to employability, tools to monitor and track distance travelled and outcomes, and assessment tools to understand job readiness, skills training needs, literacy, numeracy, and emotional wellbeing measures.


I am an employer/employee working in HR/equality and diversity and need a system to identify and provide guidance on reasonable adjustments for those with hidden impairments, such as dyslexia, ADHD, and/or dyspraxia.

Offending Settings

I am working in the Criminal Justice System and need a tool to screen for learning difficulties and disabilities, and provide guidance for staff and offenders. I want a means of helping an offender from end to end through the Criminal Justice System.



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