Launch today of free adult screener for Dyspraxia/DCD awareness week

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Around 1 million adults in the UK with co-ordination difficulties- many will have grown up knowing that sports, and writing were harder for them but they may not have been formally diagnosed or support given.
The FREE screener is the first standardised tool internationally to be offered to provide some further understanding and links to resources.
We are working closely in association with Movement Matters, Dyspraxia Foundation and the Dyspraxia Association to raise awareness of the talents and skills of people with DCD.

Taking a whole school approach webinar November 2nd

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Webinar on 2nd November (6-6.45pm)

Whole school performance relies on identifying the needs of individual students, planning classes, and ultimately providing a student-centred approach and then tracking their progress and showing impact. This webinar will discuss the rationale for this statement for schools and the research principles that underpin it to highlight the practical implications of how to deliver meaningful and measurable school improvement.

Professor Amanda Kirby will explore the effectiveness of whole child strategies and practices that seek to improve pupil health and wellbeing and offer important benefits for whole-school improvement as well as for pupils measuring their wellbeing in order to enable children to become school ready and life ready.

Professor Kirby talking at Employment Futures Launch event on September 16th, 2016

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‘Employment Futures’

On the 16th of the September Professor Amanda Kirby will be talking at:

‘Employment Futures’ – Autism Employment Service Launch Event

This is an employers event in Newcastle being held by the North East Autism Society (www.ne-as.org.uk). Tickets are free, but there are a limited number available. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

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