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South African radio show highlights local needs

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Gerald Williams of Shaping the Learner and Dr Ian Smythe did a double act this evening on SAFM, a major South African radio station based in Johannesburg. The host, Naledi Moleo, invited them to talk about the Profiler, set within the context of dyslexia and the South African learning environment. The main points raised were […]

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Fear is failing dyslexic individuals across South Africa

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Recent research has suggested that whilst many teachers claim to know about dyslexia and how to handle it, most assessors lack the confidence to say who, is dyslexic unless it is a clear-cut case. As a consequence, many dyslexic adults are going undiagnosed and unsupported, often being failures at college and subsequently have difficulty in […]

Rhyme and reason

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In Do-IT Profiler, we have more data than we can analyse for research. There is so much data and so many variables. For example, everybody knows rhyming is important. But what makes a good rhyming test? Traditionally, you have a list of test items, and you say what rhymes (or not), and then have a […]

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HRH The Princess Royal visits disabled prisoners empowered by technology

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During an official visit to G4S Parc Prison in Bridgend on 9 February 2015, The Princess Royal was shown innovative ways of supporting offenders with learning difficulties are being using a computerised evaluation of their needs, and in particular using Do-IT Profiler. This system, developed by Cardiff based Do-IT Solutions, is a unique computerised modular […]

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Launch of Student+ Profiler, designed for universities

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We are pleased to have launched Student+ Profiler today, aimed at the university market. In keeping with tradition, we had a huge launch party – well, two of us had a couple of donuts. I admit, it has been some time in the development phase. But we wanted to produce something that was fit for […]

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