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HRH The Princess Royal visits disabled prisoners empowered by technology

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During an official visit to G4S Parc Prison in Bridgend on 9 February 2015, The Princess Royal was shown innovative ways of supporting offenders with learning difficulties are being using a computerised evaluation of their needs, and in particular using Do-IT Profiler. This system, developed by Cardiff based Do-IT Solutions, is a unique computerised modular […]

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Launch of Student+ Profiler, designed for universities

By: Dr Ian Smythe   Comments off 433 Views0

We are pleased to have launched Student+ Profiler today, aimed at the university market. In keeping with tradition, we had a huge launch party – well, two of us had a couple of donuts. I admit, it has been some time in the development phase. But we wanted to produce something that was fit for […]

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Webinar on Working Memory

By: Dr Ian Smythe   Comments off 439 Views0

The February webinar turned out to be more of a challenge than I had originally anticipated, but fun nonetheless. For a start, I had to drop the part about Executive Function as there was way too much about working memory to try to cover both. Then I had to tiptoe my way through the minefield […]

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Launch of Screening+ Profiler, in collaboration with British Dyslexia Association

By: Dr Ian Smythe   Comments off 413 Views0

Although we try to avoid labels, sometimes you just need to use them! Screening+ Profiler has been launched, in association with the British Dyslexia Association, specifically looking to target the adult dyslexic individual. I admit we are just a bit proud of the outcome, which brings together what seems like years of building to this […]

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