Do-IT Solutions helps to make organizations have better and more informed conversations with the people they want to support.

The system uses big data to deliver person-centred solutions to support people who are neurodiverse, and helping to maximise talents.

Delivering innovative solutions taking a person-centred approach.

Do-IT Profiler is a computer-based solution delivering robust and accessible screening and assessment tools,  a case management system and action plans.

  • The system has been widely used with 1000s of people using the system across all ages and sectors.
  • Delivering a range of specialist assessments delivering guidance and support by age and context.
  • Live data informs current delivery and can be used for planning and predicting future service delivery.
  • Monitoring and tracking tools-enable evidence of positive outcomes and distance traveled.
  • Works across platforms-on intranet, internet, app, offline and online.
  • Can be delivered in multiple languages.
  • Ability to be delivered locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • Training and consultancy by internationally recognised specialists in the field of neurodiversity and mental health.

Note: We are launching a new and exciting website which should be in place very soon!

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