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Do-IT Solutions is a specialist company providing a modular accessible online assessment and monitoring system, helping individuals to access education and employment, overcoming hidden barriers such as challenges with living and learning and resulting in being unemployed or in the Criminal Justice System.

Do-IT Profiler:

  • Quick set up without extensive training
  • Easy to use, accessible, integrated screening assessment and guidance system including specialist assessments for learning difficulties and disabilities, literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing, employability and study skills
  • Instant and automatic data analysis - informing current delivery,aid future service design, and for management reporting
  • Delivering personalised reports and resources to suit all learning styles and dependent on responses
  • Group profiles - to make targeting teaching and skills training easy, along with access to guidance for the
  • Monitoring and tracking tools- enabling evidence of positive outcomes and distance travelled to be demonstrated
  • Working across platforms - for use on intranet,internet, and app, offline and online
  • Translatable - can be delivered in multiple languages
  • Scalable - ability to be delivered today locally, regionally, nationally and internationally

Personal Profilers

I want to know if I have signs associated with dyslexia or other learning difficulties, such as dyspraxia (DCD) I would like some practical guidance to help in work or with my studies to help reading, spelling, note taking,planning or organisational skills.

Offending Settings

I run services for or within the Criminal Justice System and need tools to screen for learning difficulties and disabilities, and provide guidance for staff and offenders. I also may be interested in resettlement, wellbeing, literacy and numeracy and skills training tools.


I am working in a school, college or university and need screening and assessment tools to provide person-centred solutions across our organisation, including study skills, specific learning difficulties including challenges associated with dyslexia, dyspraxia(DCD), ADHD traits, Autism Spectrum conditions,literacy, numeracy and emotional wellbeing measures.

Into Employment

I am working in Welfare to Work, training individuals towards employment (including apprenticeship and workplacements). I need a system to identify strengths and barriers to employability, tools to monitor and track distance travelled,and assessment tools to understand job readiness, skills training needs, learning difficulties, literacy, numeracy, and emotional wellbeing measures. I want a data management system to aid service design and delivery and measure outcomes.


I am an employer/employee and need a system to identify and provide practical help and guidance with suggested reasonable adjustments for challenges relating to dyslexia, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Conditions and/or dyspraxia(DCD) in the workplace.


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