Do-IT Solutions uses big data to change society and uses little data to change a person's life

Delivering innovative solutions taking a person centred approach and improving organisational efficiency

  • Do-IT Profiler is a computer based solution which delivers robust and accessible screening and assessment tools, a case management system and action plans
  • Delivering a range of specialist assessments for each context
  • Live data to inform current delivery, data mangement and for future service delivery
  • Provides person centred guidance
  • Monitoring and tracking tools-enable evidence of positive outcomes and distance travelled
  • Working across platforms-on intranet ,internet, app, offline and online
  • Can be delivered in multiple languages
  • Ability to be delivered today locally, regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Training and consultancy by internationally recognised specialists in the field of neurodiversity and mental health

Personal Profilers


Screening and support for people who are neurodiverse including those who may have Dyslexia or Dyspraxia (DCD).



Criminal and Youth Justice Sector

Providing tools to support those at risk of and moving through the Criminal and Youth Justice Sectors.



For schools (specialist and mainstream), colleges, apprenticeships, and universities who want to better understand all their student’s strengths and challenges, relating to specific learning difficulties, study skills, and emotional wellbeing. 

Into Employment

Supporting people to gain sustainable employment.


Attract and harness the talent of people who are neurodiverse or have mental health problems.


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