Data Analytics

Helping you make the most of data received from Do-IT Profiler.

Analysing Survey Data

The questionnaires that form the survey information gathered from individuals can be analysed in many ways. This brief video provides a basis guide as to how excel can be used to help analyse the data.
Note that the main formulae used in the video are:


Downloading files from Do-IT Profiler - Background data

There are many times when you want to do an analysis that cannot be carried out on Profiler. However, if the data has been collected, then it is available to download and interrogate.
In this brief video we shall use a simple example to show how this can be achieved.

Downloading files from Do-IT Profiler - Export User Data

Sometimes you just want to know who has done what on the Profiler, and not the details of result, maybe as an administrative rather than a support and intervention role. It may also be that you have download from elsewhere on the system, and need some additional information which is best accessed through this data link. This information can be found in Export User Data.

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