Amanda Kirby chairs Neurodiversity event with KPMG and Civil Service in London

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Amanda chaired the meeting on Neurodiversity in London today that was introduced by the Disability Minister Sara Newton. She emphasised the role of companies to become Disability Confident. Do-IT Solutions is the first company in Wales to gain Leader status and Amanda has championed the course from the start.

Sarah Newton Disability Minister, talking about the importance of employers harnessing the talents of neurodiverse people and reducing the gap in unemployment.


Do-IT Solutions are now going one step further and providing a package of services to companies to take them through that process and provide line managers with the confidence to having conversations with their staff.

Amanda Kirby talking at KPMG event on Neurodiversity and employment



Amanda chaired the day as well talking about Neurodiversity- describing what it represents and how everyone can help ensure they attract and retain neurodiverse talent.

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