Our neurodiversity screening tool

Using cloud-based screening tools, we support employers by offering neurodiversity profiling to employees, delivering a carefully selected set of questions to screen for multiple neurodivergent traits associated with conditions such as Autism Spectrum Condition/disorder, dyspraxia (also known as Developmental Coordination Disorder), Dyslexia, ADHD and more.

Fully personalised report

Backed by over 25 years of research, our profiling tools help to identify neurodivergent traits, pinpointing an individual’s strengths and challenges. After each assessment, both you and your employee will be provided with a fully personalised report, along with customised downloadable resources, giving you the knowledge and tools to better support and nurture neurodivergent employees.

What are the other benefits of our Neurodiversity Profiler?

Become neuro-inclusive

Becoming a neuro-inclusive business, allows both you and your employees to thrive.

Improve your understanding of autism

It enhances your understanding of Autism Spectrum Conditions and other overlapping neurodivergent conditions.

Better support the needs of autistic employees

It allows you to support the needs of employees who may identify as autistic or as someone on the autism spectrum.

Provide necessary workplace adjustments

It allows you to provide workplace adjustments and support in a timely manner to ensure that you meet the legal requirements when it comes to supporting all employees, including those who consider themselves to be disabled.

Lower your staff turnover

It helps to improve staff retention by allowing your employees to feel well-supported.

Aid recruitment

It aids recruitment – being seen as neurodiversity friendly organisation will make you an attractive employer, plus you’ll also appeal to a wider pool of talent.

How do I get started?

If you are an individual in the workplace, a small businesses or workplace assessor, you can purchase the Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler by using the button below. This option allows you to purchase, one, five or ten licenses. You’ll then be able to access the profiler instantly.

Purchase Profiler

Our Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler is accessible and comprises easy-to-follow steps as well as useful tips and instructions, so you can use it easily and effectively. We can talk you through how it can best support you too.
Because the Profiler is web-based, you and your employees will be able to use the tool anytime and anywhere.

For larger organisations

We also work closely with large organisations, such a BT, Admiral and Heathrow Airport. If you’d like to find out more about purchasing larger batches of  licences, you can get in touch.

What our customers have to say

University of Nottingham Logo

University of Nottingham

“The Do-It Profiler is more than a screener and it has proved to be a really effective resource for the University. It has been invaluable in supporting the increasing number of students exploring the possibility of having a Specific Learning Difference. Not only does the report it produces support students in deciding whether they wish to undertake a formal assessment for a range of SpLDs, but the program also helps each student identify their strengths and limitations and matches this profile to various study resources, so empowering independent student learning. Several academic schools have benefitted from using the latter aspect of the Do It Profiler during their transition programmes.”
Right Resources Ltd Logo

CEO, Janette Beetham, Right Resources Ltd

“Having used the Do-IT Profiler ‘Workplace Assessors+’ with individuals in a cross section of workplace settings for the past 18 months I would definitely recommend it to those qualified to undertake workplace needs assessments.The multi-modular nature of the Do-IT Workplace Assessors+ means you can select the most appropriate and useful elements to provide a more bespoke screening experience for each individual. Also, the integrated well-being element provides an invaluable insight prior to the implementation of any ‘reasonable adjustments’ and this can then be reviewed after a programme of support has been provided. In my experience this version of the Do-IT Profiler has a use beyond the initial screening stage. Whilst the Workplace Needs Assessor will examine the challenges related to the individual’s job role and work environment the various components within the Do-IT Workplace Assessor+ add to the information being gathered and assists with making recommendations for adjustments tailored to the needs of the individual.”
St Helens Youth Justice Service Logo

Operational Manager, Lee Matthews, St Helens Youth Justice Service

“Do-IT profiler’ has been an invaluable in assisting Youth Justice Service practitioners to identify the neurodiverse strengths and challenges of the children that we work with. Using this tool, practitioners have been able to tailor plans and interventions specifically with each child in mind. In addition, practitioners have been able to share findings with other key agencies to ensure a each child’s needs are supported appropriately across the partnership. Regular data analysis from the team has also helped us to gain a greater understanding of the neurodiversity of children known to our service.”

People Partner, Karina Olver, FSCS

“The Financial Services Compensation Scheme has recently worked closely with Do-IT Profiler and Dr. Amanda Kirby to progress our inclusivity work with a particular focus on Neurodiversity and how we can best support our colleagues. Dr. Kirby held an informative learning session on Neurodiversity with our colleagues, which was invaluable for all that attended. We also undertook the Neurodiversity Confident – Gap Analysis and Disability Confident – Gap Analysis which helped us highlight any areas for development where we could take further steps to improve our ways of working and processes. We are proud that we have recently received our Disability Confident Leader status, and Do-It Profiler has been instrumental with their guidance and support in helping us achieve this.”

Group Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Giles M Barker, BT

“We have had the pleasure of Amanda facilitating two excellent neurodiversity training sessions as part of our Disability Rapid Action Plan. The first took us through an introduction to neurodiversity and the second looked at neurodiversity and children. These created a lot of engagement and questions from the large audiences that attended both sessions.”


“Working with neurodiversity specialists, Do-IT Solutions, has been an integral to our drive to be ahead of the curve for all our colleagues in Admiral. Their invaluable expertise and diagnostic tools have not only enabled our strategies but also our working practices, paving the way for a more inclusive and innovative future. Do-IT Solutions’ (and Professor Kirby’s) commitment to neurodiversity is truly commendable. They provided us with tailored advice and training that was not only insightful but also empathetic, understanding the unique needs and strengths of our neurodiverse team members. This approach helped us to foster our inclusive culture where every voice is heard and valued and raise the standards of accessibility from the moment someone shows interest in working for us. This also helped us integrate neurodiversity seamlessly into our overall strategy. Their guidance opened new avenues for talent acquisition and retention, making our organisation more competitive and forward-thinking. The positive ripple effect of their insights has been witnessed across the company. In summary, working with Do-IT Solutions has been key to our knowledge and helped add to our overall employee value proposition. Their dedication to making the workplace more inclusive and accessible is not only praiseworthy but also vital for any organisation striving to excel in today’s diverse world. We’re grateful for their partnership and look forward to continued growth and success together.”
Skills Academy Wales

Skills Academy Wales

“Do-IT Profiler has proven to be an invaluable tool for early identification of additional learning needs within our organisation, through self disclosures and through the use of the screening tool. The screening tool assists with identification of learning needs and allows for quick, effective support to be implemented from the beginning of the learning journey. The resources attached to the person-centred reports for each learner are an excellent addition and easily accessible.”

Nicola James, Amrop

“Our session with Amanda was extremely informative, and has changed the way I look at things / interact with people. I am looking forward to completing the e-learning course to increase my knowledge further.”

Laure Mullins, West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service

“We started using the Do-IT Profiler for our staff about 3 years ago. I’m really impressed, blown away even, with the quality of the reports that have been produced. The bespoke information, along with ideas for support and coping mechanisms, have enabled me to have meaningful discussions with the individuals. We have been able to tailor the support so that it is specific for their individual needs. Where the report has been shared with the line manager, this has helped them to understand any challenges and flex some of the more practical elements of the work. This includes adapting how on the job skills training is delivered. This approach has helped people to excel in their ambition to become fully qualified Fire Fighters where they would otherwise have struggled. These assessments are enabling us to support staff at all levels and roles across our service. To quote a recent recruit “I don’t have the words to tell you what this means to me. For the first time ever I feel included and supported.””

Devon and Cornwall Police

“From the start, the Do-IT team have been professional, swift and responsive in helping us not only to implement the profiler but how to ensure our Keyworkers and service users can get the best out of it. They have provided a wealth of supporting resources, guidance and training to improve the team’s understanding of neurodiversity and how it can impact the individuals they’re working with. Our keyworkers have found the report very valuable in establishing the needs of particular service users…implementing the profiler has provided our team with an accessible, and tangible resource we can utilise, to ensure we are identifying and adapting to the needs of our service users, whilst providing them with a supportive resources and strategies they can implement now and take forward into the future.”

Autism and Neurodiversity in the workplace training

Along with our Neurodiversity profiler, the Do-IT training team, led by Professor Amanda Kirby provides a range of courses from awareness sessions through to an accredited neurodiversity training programme.

We can work with you to provide all types of training provision including tailored courses for your organisation. We deliver everything from one hour Lunch & Learns and e-learning modules, right through to an OCN Level 4 accredited Neurodiversity Aware® Award programme.
To learn more about our training courses, visit our training page, or contact our team.

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