Neurodiversity and learning

Every learner, of any age may have challenges with learning. These may vary depending on their age and the demands on them. Some learners will have specific challenges where early support and guidance can make a real difference to their educational outcomes. This requires a person-centred approach.

Not everyone has or needs a diagnosis for support to be given.

Challenges with reading, spelling, maths, social and verbal interaction, speech and language, attention and motor coordination may not reach a threshold for a label, and learners in reality may have challenges in one or more areas. Also each learner will have strengths that need to recognised.

Some learners may benefit from gaining a diagnosis of Dyslexia, Dyspraxia (DCD), Autism Spectrum Condition, ADHD or Developmental Language Disorders (DLD). What is most important is to gain practical and timely support to maxmise talents and minimise challenges.

Here’s how we can help…

Identify all learners equitably

Not all learners arrive at education with a diagnosis or having been identified. Screening those at an entry point can reduce inequity.

Helping staff target support

Awareness raising of neurodiversity can help staff to minimise challenges and use universal design principles.

Aiding participation

Being able to participate in education means you can be more productive and helps wellbeing.

Neurodiversity screening

We provide screening tools to help identify ADHD, ASC, DLD, Dyslexia, DCD (Dyspraxia), and Dyscalculia traits.

Person centered approach

Every learner is different and we need to recognise each person’s spiky profile of both strengths and challenges.

Data aids future planning

Instantly available data to aid group planning and understand whole cohorts of learners.

The benefits

  • Tried and tested screening tools for neurodiversity and study skills
  • Person-centred guidance instantly available
  • Targets where support can be given
  • Quick and easy to set-up and get going and saves time
  • Online access means learners can use the tools in any setting
  • Aids achievement, retention, productivity and wellbeing
  • Includes tracking and monitoring tools to record change over time
  • Accessible in design and delivery

Who we work with


Screening tools to identify neurodiverse learners and provide instant personalised guidance.

Colleges & sixth form

Screening tools to identify and support neurodiverse learners and providing instant personalised guidance in a sixth form and college setting.


Tried and tested online neurodiversity and study skills screeners to allow rapid identification and support.

Specialist provision

Do-IT online tools help specialist settings to better understand each child or and young person with complex needs.


I can only learn when….

Download this free infographic about what children need to be able to learn.

Encouraging Pro Learning Behaviours

Download this factsheet on how you can encourage pro learning behaviours in children.

Attention, Organisation and Time Management Top Tips

Download these quick and easy top tips for attention, organisation and time management skills.

Customer testimonials

What love hearing from our customers, here’s what some of our education clients had to say about Do-IT…

University of Nottingham Logo

University of Nottingham

“The Do-It Profiler is more than a screener and it has proved to be a really effective resource for the University. It has been invaluable in supporting the increasing number of students exploring the possibility of having a Specific Learning Difference. Not only does the report it produces support students in deciding whether they wish to undertake a formal assessment for a range of SpLDs, but the program also helps each student identify their strengths and limitations and matches this profile to various study resources, so empowering independent student learning. Several academic schools have benefitted from using the latter aspect of the Do It Profiler during their transition programmes.”

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