Understanding the barriers to success

Do-IT Profiler is a web based screening system that can help your school have a better, more informed understanding of all your learners, and especially those who have learning difficulties/disabilities or may show a neurodiverse profile.

It provides age-appropriate assessments, advice and support: helping every learner to achieve their potential. It provides your school with a means to make data-driven decisions, based on accurate and up to date information and deliver learner-centred personalised guidance. It saves time with no data entry and no marking and provides instant results with practical guidance. Data is analysed automatically at learner, class, school and cluster schools levels.

Here’s how we can help…

Efficient screening tools for neurodiversity

Neurodiversity Profiler online tools are quick and easy to use to support every learner especially those with neurodivergent profiles providing instant guidance.

Record actions and monitor change

Can be used to provide evidence of action and intervention.

Child Centred

A complete picture including the voice of the child, with the potentioal to capture additional information from parents as well as the teacher.

The benefits

  • Can screen whole classes to identify different cognitive, emotional and learning profiles and provide a quick view to aid lesson planning
  • Supports your schools to identify and support your ‘learners of concern’
  • Takes a whole child view including their neurodiverse profile, wellbeing and study skills in older learners
  • Considers neurodivergent traits associated with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia (DCD), ADHD, Autism Spectrum Conditions and Language and Communication Challenges
  • Detailed child-centered individual reports automatically generated
  • Saves time with no data entry and can see data at learner, class, school and clusters if required
  • Online tools can be used anywhere
  • Accessible

Customer testimonials

What love hearing from our customers, here’s what some of our education clients had to say about Do-IT…

University of Nottingham Logo

University of Nottingham

“The Do-It Profiler is more than a screener and it has proved to be a really effective resource for the University. It has been invaluable in supporting the increasing number of students exploring the possibility of having a Specific Learning Difference. Not only does the report it produces support students in deciding whether they wish to undertake a formal assessment for a range of SpLDs, but the program also helps each student identify their strengths and limitations and matches this profile to various study resources, so empowering independent student learning. Several academic schools have benefitted from using the latter aspect of the Do It Profiler during their transition programmes.”