The online Neurodiversity Profiler specifically developed for sixth form colleges

Student+ 6th form Profiler, is a state of the art online screening tool that aims to help sixth form college students unlock hidden talents.

Using a suite of modules, it will provide screening for Neurodiversity traits such as for Dyslexia, ADHD, Dyspraxia/DCD, Dyscalculia (maths) and social and communication challenges along with screening for Study Skills.

Student+ 6th form Profiler provides a self managed resources for the student, with practical strategies.

Developed over the past ten years by internationally-renowned experts  it looks to maximise student’s skills and understand the challenges in the student’s life including their health and wellbeing.

Q&A below provides more information on Student+ 6th form Profiler. Or you can watch a short video.

For a demo or pricing for your organisation, please contact us.

Why use it?

As a sixth form college, you want to know which students need help and support early on in their journey.

Student+ 6th form Profiler is cost and time effective way to provide all students with early support with self-managed guidance and allows staff an instant view of their classes of students to understand strengths and any potential areas of challenge.

Tools in the past have looked at Dyslexia in isolation despite learning difficulties overlapping to a greater or lesser extent. Study skills are not always considered despite students with learning challenges having some specific study difficulties too.

Student+ 6th form Profiler takes a biopsychosocial approach to assessment providing the means to deliver person-centered guidance to each and every student in your college from day 1 while staff can have access to the robust management information system.

Who can this be used with?

Student+ 6th form Profiler has been designed for a sixth form setting.

How will it help the students?

Challenges for most colleges is to deliver a cost and time effective system that allows students to gain appropriate support. Ideally, this is delivered before there are ‘real difficulties’ and students are at risk of ‘dropping out’.Student+ 6th form Profiler offers an equitable approach to pinpoint early those who may need support and delivers a person-centered approach.

What is in the reports?

The Student+ 6th form Profiler reports are personalised, depending on the responses given by the student and come in two formats: one for the tutor and one for the student. They contain relevant links to resources, including external websites, as well as support for the organisation. Click here to view a sample report.

Is it accessible?

The system is accessible.Reports and guidance are delivered in a range of formats to suit different learners. The reports can also be read using standard text to speech software.

Can you try before we buy?

We can provide your college or school with a demonstration of the system and show you how easy it is to use and a log-in to a demo site.

How do you get started?

You can purchase a site license for Student+ 6th form Profiler :

  • An annual site license is a cost-effective way of screening all students entering your school or college, and can easily be used to screen up to 10,000 users at one time. Alternatively, you can buy blocks of licenses.
  • The site can be branded with the college logo and reports can signpost students to your college support services.
  • Students can access the site from home or from the college.
  • Easy to set up with minimal training

You can alternatively buy blocks of licenses if you wish to use Profiler with fewer than 200 students in a year.

Can this be used by all students?

Student+ 6th form Profiler is a modular system.

Sixth form colleges usually deliver a tiered approach.

  • All students complete screening for Neurodiversity and for Study Skills strengths.
  • Some students complete further assessments.
  • Few students complete more in-depth assessments with support from student services.

There are additional module packs available that can be selectively used:

  • Health and wellbeing modules and wellbeing action plans
  • Specialist assessments for student support services including for Dyspraxia (DCD), ADHD, and Dyslexia, assisting with report writing and action planning
  • Preparation for employment

How will it help your college?

Student+ 6th form Profiler helps all students by providing a comprehensive system of screening and support through a centrally managed system.

All data is collected on the management information system and this allows all students to be monitored over time and also vital information to be collected about the profiles of the students which can assist with future planning.

How long does it take to complete?

This is dependent on the number of modules. The standard pack takes about 30-40 minutes to complete.

What computers do you need; Can students use their own laptop or tablet?

The system works through the computer’s or tablet’s browser and should work on Windows, Apple and Android devices. Reasonably fast internet speed is needed to avoid frustration waiting for downloads (it includes a lot of sound files for accessibility). We do not advise accessing it on a mobile phone.

To check if a computer is compatible, please our System Checker.

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