Gillotts School (Secondary), Henley on Thames

Astrid Fox-Orband, SEN Co

Gillotts teaching staff thoroughly enjoyed the training session delivered by Amanda Kirby back in September 2015. Amanda Kirby is an excellent public speaker: she is enthusiastic and can tackle quite complex concepts very clearly. Her reassuring approach empowers professionals objectively and in a subtle supportive manner, whether they are NQTs or experienced teachers. 

As the SEN Co of the school, I started working with Amanda Kirby for the past eighteen months. Already I feel that I have gained a lot of confidence and expertise understanding SEND but also identifying needs and how to create effective interventions…on a budget!

Do-IT Profiler has been key in that process. It is a very comprehensive software that allows schools to create their own assessments package. Currently we especially use Do-IT Profiler with students “who do not fit any boxes” and the overview reports have always produced interesting findings that have enabled us as staff to then provide appropriate intervention to help the student move forward.

It is still early days and we have yet to explore all the aspects of Do-IT Profiler, but it is very user friendly and intuitive to use.

Falmouth Exeter Plus

David Dickinson, Director of Student Services

Falmouth Exeter Plus“The Do-IT Profiler is a very useful and innovative suite of tools. The Profiler helps inform the actions needed to support embedding a more inclusive, universal and anticipatory approach to supporting student learning, across all types of courses. It also enables us to provide academic staff with insightful information about the learning profiles of their students, which helps them take account more effectively of students’ strengths and weaknesses in the way they teach and assess each cohort. The Profiler also provides detailed guidance and resources for each student, based on their profile and so facilitates self-management and independence.

The Profiler outcomes are particularly helpful to Student Services in providing an objective basis for advising students about the need for them to undertake further diagnostic assessments. In the context of the changes to DSA our sector faces, we commend the Do-IT Profiler as a way of helping sustainably inform and increase the inclusivity of learning and teaching at both individual and institutional level.”

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