Harnessing neurodiverse talent

Attracting and harnessing neurodiverse talents provides advantages for all. We are all neurodiverse. Some of us will have ‘spiky profiles’. This means we will have strengths and talents but may also have challenges that may require support in order to be our best.

Every person is different, taking a labelling approach, where people with dyslexia need ‘X’ support and people with Autism need ‘Y’ support is not always effective.

Being confident in knowing how to support each employee to maximise their skills can be a challenge, without the appropriate knowledge and expertise.

Neurodiversity Profiler allows an accurate understanding of each person’s strengths and challenges and their ‘spiky profile’ and enables you as the employer to have better and more informed conversations. It provides line managers and HR staff with guidance and the knowledge to make reasonable adjustments when required.

Reassuringly developed by experts. Practical in delivery. Taking a Person – centred approach.

Here’s how we can help…

Better conversations

Understanding each person means engaging them at whatever stage of their career.

Attracting and retaining talent

Ensuring inclusive practices are in place that allow skills can be recognised and training/support needs are identified helps all organisations from apprenticeships through to employers.

Maintaining wellbeing

Our web based tools help each individual to feel understood and psychologically safe to participate and contribute at all stages of their employment cycle, benefiting all.

Easy to use tools

Our online neurodiversity screening tools can be up and running quickly in your organisation and accessed from desktops, home or on the move.

Creating neuro-inclusive workplaces

We work with organisations of all sizes and settings to provide advice and guidance. We have easy to use tools for you to undertake a neurodiversity gap analysis as well as providing you with training sessions and accredited e-learning programmes for staff.

Helping you lead the way in neurodiversity

We deliver specialist accredited training courses for HR, D and I Leaders to ensure you can embrace neurodiversity in all that you do.

Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler benefits

  • Quick and easy screening tools developed by experts to allow each person to understand their ‘spiky profile’ of strengths and challenges
  • Person centred approach to have better conversations with employees
  • Targets specific support needs and provides suggested reasonable adjustments
  • Supporting employee and apprentice retention
  • Can be contextualised to your employment or training setting e.g. health, police, fire. ambulance, education or justice settings
  • Tried and tested – used by specialist workplace assessors, occupational psychologists and small and large scale employers

Who we work with


Do-IT Profiler web based tools are helping employers efficiently target support to neurodiverse employees…


Do-IT Profiler web based tools are helping recruitment professionals and organisations…


Do-IT Profiler web based tools are helping apprenticeship and traineeship providers efficiently target support for all wherever…

Work providers

Not everyone comes with a diagnosis or label telling you they are neurodivergent but around 1 in 5 people will be and may require some…


Identifying the support needs of people in the workplace who may be neurodiverse as everyone is different and no-one fits in…


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Customer testimonials

What love hearing from our customers, here’s what some of our Employer clients had to say about Do-IT…

Impact Futures Logo

CEO, Guy Helman, Impact Futures

“We have found the tool invaluable for our learners so we get to know each learner from Day 1, and we can deliver training to meet their needs directly and remotely. It has particularly helped us to get to know those with communication, wellbeing or neurodivergent profiles and work to maximise their strengths.”

Deborah Reeve, Admiral

“Here at Admiral, we were interested in exploring Psychometric testing in Recruitment. We wanted to identify what ‘great’ looks like in specific departments across the business and use this measure to enhance our selection process. We began with a benchmark of companies that provide psychometric testing. After a broad analysis of several potential providers, we opted for Do-IT who do things differently…Candidates, Recruitment Managers and Department Managers alike have found the tool useful and we are looking forward to developing it further and discovering more opportunities to use Do-IT across the business!”
Right Resources Ltd Logo

CEO, Janette Beetham, Right Resources Ltd

“Having used the Do-IT Profiler ‘Workplace Assessors+’ with individuals in a cross section of workplace settings for the past 18 months I would definitely recommend it to those qualified to undertake workplace needs assessments. The multi-modular nature of the Do-IT Workplace Assessors+ means you can select the most appropriate and useful elements to provide a more bespoke screening experience for each individual.”