Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Do-IT Profiler web-based tools can help you and your apprentices and trainees.

The neurodiversity, study, wellbeing and work tools deliver instant personalised guidance saving time and improving conversations from the start. Efficiently targeting support wherever the person is (at home, on the move or in the workplace).

Here’s how we can help…

Your organisation

Having data at your finger tips aids reporting, monitoring and demonstrating how you are supporting all learners and especially those with additional learning challenges or disabilities.

Your staff

Provides you with instant reports to understand each cohort all in one place, with identification and targeted practical guidance. This helps to have better and more informed conversations.

Your learners and apprentices

Understanding your strengths and challenges and getting personalised support from day one means every individual can maximise their skills and maintain wellbeing.

The benefits

  • Provides immediate results to show the person’s strengths and challenges to target support quickly and efficiently
  • Up-skills staff by providing strategies for staff to provide support and make personalised adjustments
  • Delivers tracking and monitoring tools for the individual, group and at organisational level
  • Supports evidence for draw down of LSF (England only)
  • Used to evidence activity and improvement for Ofsted/Estyn
  • Can be used across geographic areas and with different contracts for consistent data analysis
  • In depth easy to access Management Information to aid planning
  • Reduces data entry and saves staff time to allow more focused support

Customer testimonials

What love hearing from our customers, here’s what some of our employer clients had to say about Do-IT…

Deborah Reeve, Admiral

“Here at Admiral, we were interested in exploring Psychometric testing in Recruitment. We wanted to identify what ‘great’ looks like in specific departments across the business and use this measure to enhance our selection process. We began with a benchmark of companies that provide psychometric testing. After a broad analysis of several potential providers, we opted for Do-IT who do things differently…Candidates, Recruitment Managers and Department Managers alike have found the tool useful and we are looking forward to developing it further and discovering more opportunities to use Do-IT across the business!”
Right Resources Ltd Logo

CEO, Janette Beetham, Right Resources Ltd

“Having used the Do-IT Profiler ‘Workplace Assessors+’ with individuals in a cross section of workplace settings for the past 18 months I would definitely recommend it to those qualified to undertake workplace needs assessments. The multi-modular nature of the Do-IT Workplace Assessors+ means you can select the most appropriate and useful elements to provide a more bespoke screening experience for each individual.”