Workplace Assessors & Occupational Psychologists

Do-IT can help you to identify the support needs of people in the workplace who may be neurodivergent. As we know, everyone is different and no-one fits in one box or usually has ‘just’ one label or diagnosis. Everyone has a ‘spiky profile’ of strengths and challenges.

Recognising your challenges

Everyone has time constraints for a consultation. Gathering information during a workplace assessment can take up some

of the precious time required to engage with the person and provide personalised feedback.

We all have a limited set of screening and assessment tolls in our professional toolkit. This can be challenging when needing to consider each person’s overall Neurodiverse and overlapping profile relating to Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Autism Spectrum Conditions and ADHD traits, as well as considering the person’s wellbeing. This is alongside considering the context of education and employment

Profiler tools can help to spend the maximum part of your sessions providing contextualised guidance, suggesting adjustments and planning the next steps.

Here’s how we can help…

Time efficient

The Profiler provides a quick and easy way to capture baseline information across neurodivergent traits. It provides a person centred view allowing you the time to target support.

Plugging the gaps

The Profiler screens for strengths and challenges across many areas associated with Neurodiversity.

Collating information

Information can be gathered before a consultation, to maximise time with the person. This aids engagement.

The Benefits

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Allows you to identify the person’s strengths and challenges allowing you to maximise their talents in the workplace
  • Developed be international experts in the field of neurodiversity with key consultation from many neurodivergent adults
  • Tried and tested
  • Access to extensive resources
  • Considers co-occurring neurodivergent traits

Customer testimonials

What love hearing from our customers, here’s what some of our employer clients had to say about Do-IT…

Laure Mullins, West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service

“We started using the Do-IT Profiler for our staff about 3 years ago. I’m really impressed, blown away even, with the quality of the reports that have been produced. The bespoke information, along with ideas for support and coping mechanisms, have enabled me to have meaningful discussions with the individuals. We have been able to tailor the support so that it is specific for their individual needs. Where the report has been shared with the line manager, this has helped them to understand any challenges and flex some of the more practical elements of the work. This includes adapting how on the job skills training is delivered. This approach has helped people to excel in their ambition to become fully qualified Fire Fighters where they would otherwise have struggled. These assessments are enabling us to support staff at all levels and roles across our service. To quote a recent recruit “I don’t have the words to tell you what this means to me. For the first time ever I feel included and supported.””
Skills Academy Wales

Skills Academy Wales

“Do-IT Profiler has proven to be an invaluable tool for early identification of additional learning needs within our organisation, through self disclosures and through the use of the screening tool. The screening tool assists with identification of learning needs and allows for quick, effective support to be implemented from the beginning of the learning journey. The resources attached to the person-centred reports for each learner are an excellent addition and easily accessible.”


“Working with neurodiversity specialists, Do-IT Solutions, has been an integral to our drive to be ahead of the curve for all our colleagues in Admiral. Their invaluable expertise and diagnostic tools have not only enabled our strategies but also our working practices, paving the way for a more inclusive and innovative future. Do-IT Solutions’ (and Professor Kirby’s) commitment to neurodiversity is truly commendable. They provided us with tailored advice and training that was not only insightful but also empathetic, understanding the unique needs and strengths of our neurodiverse team members. This approach helped us to foster our inclusive culture where every voice is heard and valued and raise the standards of accessibility from the moment someone shows interest in working for us. This also helped us integrate neurodiversity seamlessly into our overall strategy. Their guidance opened new avenues for talent acquisition and retention, making our organisation more competitive and forward-thinking. The positive ripple effect of their insights has been witnessed across the company. In summary, working with Do-IT Solutions has been key to our knowledge and helped add to our overall employee value proposition. Their dedication to making the workplace more inclusive and accessible is not only praiseworthy but also vital for any organisation striving to excel in today’s diverse world. We’re grateful for their partnership and look forward to continued growth and success together.”
Right Resources Ltd Logo

CEO, Janette Beetham, Right Resources Ltd

“Having used the Do-IT Profiler ‘Workplace Assessors+’ with individuals in a cross section of workplace settings for the past 18 months I would definitely recommend it to those qualified to undertake workplace needs assessments.The multi-modular nature of the Do-IT Workplace Assessors+ means you can select the most appropriate and useful elements to provide a more bespoke screening experience for each individual. Also, the integrated well-being element provides an invaluable insight prior to the implementation of any ‘reasonable adjustments’ and this can then be reviewed after a programme of support has been provided. In my experience this version of the Do-IT Profiler has a use beyond the initial screening stage. Whilst the Workplace Needs Assessor will examine the challenges related to the individual’s job role and work environment the various components within the Do-IT Workplace Assessor+ add to the information being gathered and assists with making recommendations for adjustments tailored to the needs of the individual.”