Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler

Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler is the state of the art online workplace assessment tool that helps to unlock and retain hidden talents.

Provides practical guidance for both employee and employer.

Using the suite of tools, Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler not only identifies dyslexia-type traits, but also includes other learning difficulties that often overlap, such as dyspraxia (also known as DCD/Developmental Coordination Disorder), dyscalculia, ADHD, and social, language and communication difficulties.

Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler provides the employee and employer with a comprehensive report suggesting reasonable adjustments in response to the reported challenges.

Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler has been developed over the past ten years by internationally-renowned experts. It aims to help maximise skills at work.

Below are some brief questions and answers that will help you understand Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler better, and know if it is right for you.

Who is this for?

Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler is for anyone in employment who needs to have a better understanding of their strengths and challenges relating to dyslexia and other related Specific Learning Difficulties, and needs to find appropriate support. These are sometimes also called Hidden Impairments or Non-visible Impairments.

The tools and guidance within Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler have been specifically designed for the workplace.

Will it diagnose dyslexia or other neurodiverse conditions, such as ADHD or dyspraxia (DCD)?

A diagnosis of dyslexia, as with other neurodiverse conditions can only be provided by appropriately qualified specialists. However, the report from Workplace+ Profiler will confirm areas of strengths and challenges, and will, where appropriate, note similarities of an individual with a pattern of traits relating to that condition- such as dyslexia or dyspraxia/DCD. The report results can be used as a basis to discuss adjustments and support to be put in place in the workplace.

What is included in Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler?

Workplace+ Profiler aims to find out as much as possible about your strengths and challenges, and from this information, provide personalised support.

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Is there a time limit for access?

The tests can only be completed once, but you don’t have to complete them all in one session. Once completed, the report can be downloaded and saved so it can be accessed at a later date. There is a lot of information provided, allowing for some strategies to be tried first, and others considered at a later stage.

How can I use the report?

Although Neurodiversity Workplace+ Profiler is primarily aimed as a self-support tool for you, the report can be shared with the line manager and/or HR to discuss how to implement suggested actions.

How long does Workplace+ Profiler take to complete?

Simply put, the more information that is completed in Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler, the more advice and support strategies will be given. But you don’t need to complete the whole thing all at once.

But please note that each assessment module can only be completed once. If you stop halfway through a module, you will have the option to continue where you left off.

Will there be a long report?

The report from Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler provides a personalised report, with indications of strengths and challenges. It also provides links to useful tools and resources.

The report comes in several sections:

  • A quick to view summary as a quick indicator of the level and patterns of strengths and challenges.
  • A full report with guidance and useful strategies and where required, recommended software.

The report can be discussed with the line manager or HR where appropriate.

What computer is needed, or can a tablet be used?

The system works through an internet browser, and should work on Windows, Apple and Android devices. To be accessible, the assessment has sound files. A reasonably fast internet speed is needed to avoid frustration waiting for downloads. We do not advise you using it on a mobile phone.

You can check if your computer is compatible by using our System Checker. Click here to view.

If you have other questions, please email us at 

NeurodiversityWorkplace Profiler is available for £72 (including VAT).


Check your system to ensure it's compatible with Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler (recommended)


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