What’s inside Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler?

The following are the modules that you will find in Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler.

Background Information

This first module collects information about your reason for undergoing the screening at this time, including any relevant background information, your current and relevant employment details, any specific challenges you have at present, and what and who has helped.

Neurodiversity Screener

This tool is unique to Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler, as we understand that dyslexia rarely appears alone. Therefore, this module finds out about skills and difficulties related to attention, organisation, social, communications, co-ordination and maths abilities, and provides practical guidance.

Working memory

The working memory module looks at how well you can remember a series of increasing numbers presented to them. Difficulties doing this may indicate challenges with tasks, such as remembering a series of instructions or remembering telephone numbers.

Typing skills

This task has two components – copy typing (typing what you see on the screen) and audio typing (typing what you hear). The results indicate your typing skills as well as your auditory skills.

Dyslexia questionnaire

The dyslexia questionnaire aims to look at where you have difficulties with reading, writing and spelling. These are the symptoms of dyslexia that you will find in most definitions of dyslexia. It then offers extensive advice, based on their responses.


This module is aimed at trying to understand your spelling skills. This is not about assessing how you compare to others but what, if anything, you may like to focus on, such as using a spellchecker or gaining support from a basic skills tutor. Where possible, our system analyses the errors, and makes suggestions of why and how they may have happened.

Spelling non-words

This modules help to identify if you have difficulties with spelling by using novel words (sometimes called non-words).

Assistive technology and computer skills

This provides guidance on types of assistive technology and software that can help in the workplace.

Remember, each module can only be taken once. (See Terms of Use)

If you have other questions, please email us at info@doitprofiler.com

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