Do-IT helps Apprentice Providers to support Neurodiverse talent

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Individuals are all neurologically unique!

The Do-IT Profiler enables better conversations and reduces the need for expensive assessments.

Unfortunately, individuals don’t always know they have a learning disability/ differently or mental health challenges. Those that are neurodiverse will have overlapping difficulties and strengths to the lesser or greater extent.

Do-IT Profiler provides this understanding so that accurate support that can be given, each person is different, and a label never describes an individual.

Do-IT Profiler allows these hidden talents and novel skills to be identified for the future success of the individual.

Harnessing and maintaining all talent is essential to your business requirements, understanding how to effectively support staff in their training needs alongside the individual they are supporting.


  1. A quick and accurate understanding of the individual.
  2. Recommendations for the individual according to their support needs.
  3. An easy to read instant report for you and the individual.
  4. Support and training staff to have helpful and meaningful conversations with the individual.
  5. Monitor progress and make the right adjustments for the individual to succeed.
  6. Detailed data and predictive analytics are useful for your organisation.


Do-IT Profiler is sensitively designed by neuroscientists especially helping neurodiverse individuals reach their potential in their life and journey.

A recent testimonial:

I am the Skills and Achievement Manager for one of the UK largest apprenticeship training providers. I/we were looking to partner with a support network that not only had the highest quality content and assessment tools but had a real passion for supporting people on a personal level.

I have tried MANY different providers around assessment tools for supporting neurodiversity but something was always lacking. I have never felt that commission comes first but getting what we wanted was more important to Do-IT and the team and ultimately improve their offering and service.

I believe we have received more value that we were expecting (much more). I feel I can approach the Do-IT team for queries, tech support and mostly receive an instant supportive and professional response. I am able to discuss what works best for my company and they will do their best to support this. A real personal service that comes from professionals who genuinely care about people and what their products can do to help you and your learners reach their potential. I couldn’t rate them any higher.

John Grover: Additional Learning Needs Tutor & Coordinator   |   Apprenticeships Division QA



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