BRAND NEW Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler

More than just a screener. Personalised report, instant and personalised. Resources, downloadable resources based on your unique profile. In work support tools, to support you in the workplace.


For anyone in employment, moving into employment, SME’s, and workplace assessors.

At Do-IT we recognise that neurodivergent conditions and traits often co-occur (or overlap). That’s why we take a person-centred approach to look at a person’s overall strengths and challenges across a range of cognitive areas.

Did you know our Profilers also offer instant personalised reports with tips and advice, as well as downloadable resources and built-in support tools?

Available to buy now in batches of 1, 5 or 10 licences.

Head on over to Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler to learn more and purchase today.

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