Do-IT Solutions are excited to announce the promotion of Helen Arnold-Richardson to Managing Director. Taking the company on the next stage of the journey to be the market leader for neurodiverse screening, assessments, and training.

Do-IT tools started off as a paper- based screeners. We have grown organically by taking customer feedback and implementing the latest research in the field of neurodiversity. Today we supply the latest innovative online, accessible Neurodiversity Profiler tools .

We listened to people who did and didn’t have ‘it’- the label that is given to conditions such as, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)/Dyspraxia.

People who:

  • had been missed through no fault of their own
  • could not afford a diagnosis or know where to gain one
  • were diagnosed with dyslexia for example and knew that they had challenges in other areas, but didn’t know where to go for help
  • thought or were told they were lazy or incompetent

All of whom have neurodiverse strengths that nobody could see. They had amazing hidden talents!

We listened to great organisations:

  • those who wanted to do their best to support neurodivergent people but didn’t know where to start:
  • businesses who weren’t aware of how to be inclusive or harness people’s talents but wanted guidance
  • to a wide range of providers across all sectors that wanted and needed to target support in both a cost effective and cost saving manner to achieve their contractual outcomes

Our Vision

Our vision is a big one. We want to change the perception of society, to ensure each person is valued. We want them to know that not fitting in with the ‘norm’ is a good thing. That diversity is something we should be looking for. Something we need more of.

When Do-IT became a company in 2003, never did we think we would be making such a difference to so many people across so many sectors. In Prisons, Youth Justice, Apprenticeships, Schools, Universities and Employers up and down the country. We have screened more than 250,000 people. Providing practical support to help them overcome challenges and focus on their strengths. We have come a long way!

The Do-IT team have personal and professional lived experience of being neurodivergent in a neurotypical world. This has driven our passion to make a difference. Allowing us to be in a great position to really help and understand other. We also have the professional expertise to understand and participate in today’s leading research.

So, what does a new Managing Director mean for Do-IT?

Helen is going to grow the great work already achieved by the Do-IT team and its founders. Taking the company to the next level of success. Helen has been the Business Development Director at Do-IT for the last 2 years. Bringing with her vast experience of leadership and management in Further Education, Offender Learning and Learning and Development, as well as being a qualified teacher! She has a great passion for promoting inclusion and empowering people to achieve their potential. With a keen interest in supporting those in the criminal and youth justice system.

Helen will be leading the business. Giving the founder of Do-IT (Our CEO), Professor Amanda Kirby an opportunity to continue using her invaluable expertise and knowledge. Supporting our research to ensure Profiler is up to date and leading the way in all things relating to neurodiversity.

We are looking forward to keeping you up to date with our latest research and products to help you to empower yourself and others!

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