Do-IT are proud to be in partnership with Southern Virginia University in the United States, read this blog by Lia Wheatley (Director of the Personal Learning Center, at Southern Virginia University) on our story so far.

Southern Virginia University

Lia Wheatley, Director of the Personal Learning Center, Southern Virginia University


The mission of Southern Virginia University is to gather faithful members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and like-minded students, lift them in intellect, character, and spirituality, and launch them into successful lives and careers. Improving our ability to lift each student we gather—regardless of academic abilities, learning styles, or other environmental or background aspects—is the central focus of the Personal Learning Center.

One key tenet of the University’s mission is to maximize inclusivity and gather students across all levels of preparedness. We acknowledge that past academic performance often has little bearing on intelligence and capacity, but is at times more reflective of a learning environment that pays no regard to a student’s actual learning needs.


The Personal Learning Center

The Personal Learning Center was designed to empower all students, regardless of their differences or preparedness, recognizing that each student has unique and individual needs. We help students understand their learning styles, strengths, abilities, and weaknesses while guiding them towards academic success. Our goal is to help individuals become confident learners and successful students.

The Personal Learning Center is multi-faceted in its approach to supporting students. Not only are we the hub for accessibility services and academic accommodations, but we also provide Academic Coaches for all students enrolled at Southern Virginia University.

Our Academic Coaches are specially trained to help students understand their learning needs and develop personalized growth plans accordingly. Coaches are highly invested in the “personal” aspect of the Personal Learning Center, understanding that each student has different learning abilities, and so each will need specialized attention
and support.


Do-IT Profiler at Southern Virginia University

The Personal Learning Assessment, acquired through Do-It Profiler Solutions, is a neurodiversity screening tool and assessment we use to identify potential academic hurdles and unlock hidden talents. In order to provide personalized assistance, we must first understand students’ learning strengths and weaknesses, and the Personal Learning Assessment allows us to begin this process from their first year on campus.

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"We’ve recognized the value of offering the Profiler, but also its necessity in our mission of normalizing and mainstreaming academic support and assistance..."

As we began our partnership with Do-It Profiler, we did a beta implementation of the Profiler that was extended to 176 students in Fall 2019 and Spring 2020. The results from our initial testing were illuminating but not surprising, as 44 of the 176 students scored a 1 or 2 in four or more of the ten assessment areas. That was a full 25 percent of students that would immediately benefit from the PLC’s services, and this statistic has continued to accurately reflect our student body. Currently, the PLC tracks and serves nearly a quarter of our student body.

We’ve recognized the value of offering the Profiler, but also its necessity in our mission of normalizing and mainstreaming academic support and assistance. To more fully take advantage of the benefits this assessment offers, we have begun to offer it on a one-on-one basis. As students flood into our Personal Learning Center for this personalized attention, we offer the Do-It Profiler as a way to build and develop their academic goals and strategic learning plan.

With this tool, we are better able to assess the individual needs of our students and destigmatize the act of asking for and receiving help. Our partnership with Do-It Profiler has been invaluable as we continue to empower students academically and instill confidence in their learning abilities. The Profiler allows us to offer targeted and specialized attention that works for all students, regardless of varying demographics, background, or learning abilities.


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Thank you to our guest contributor Lia Wheatley for sharing her experience of using Do-IT Profiler to support University Students.

If you want to learn more about how Do-IT’s tools can support you and your educational organisation head to the Education pages on our website. You can also talk to one of our team from our Contact Us page.

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