“Neurodiversity: A New Paradigm” Conference 2022

Last month we had the privilege of bringing the “Neurodiversity: A New Paradigm” Conference 2022 together with the ADHD Foundation and Lexxic.

The conference brought hundrereds of professionals together from Education, Justice, Health and workplace who are passionate about Neurodiversity and Neuroinlucisivity.

Missed this years conference? Check out the video below to see what we got up to.


What Next?

Want to take the first step to making your boardrooms and c-suites Neuro-inclusive? Check out our new and improved e-learning courses delivered by the international specialist Professor Amanda Kirby.

Training packages built for your organisations needs with online accessible courses which can be accessed from anwhere and completed at a pace that suits each individual. With e-learning courses for all employees and advanced practitioner courses for HR, ED&I Managers.

What’s more if 15% of your organisation compelte the Embracing Neurodiversity couse you can gain the Neurodiversity Friendly award. A precentage of profits also go to the ADHD Foundation.

Click here to find out more, and to start your journey to becoming a Neuro-inclusive organisation today!

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