Neurodiversity Celebration Week!

The 21st of March marks the start of Neurodiversity Celebration week.

Head on over to to find out more, and to see the events schedule.


To coincide with this week of celebration we have created this free guide for parents of neurodiverse children, which contains practical guidance and useful links.

To view and download the guide please click below:

View and Download Neurodiversity and Parents Guide 2022


Have you tried our Neurodiversity Children’s Profiler?

Children's ND Profiler logo

This personal profiler is aimed at parents or guardians of a child or young person from the age of 7 years to 16 years of age. Providing you with a picture of the child’s strengths and challenges overall, and (where appropriate) how these relate to neurodiverse conditions.

An instant personalised report with practical support and guidance is provided, ensuring you can start supporting your child to maximise their strengths and minimise their challenges right away.


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