Do-IT’s Got a New Look

Here at Do-IT, our team has had a busy 6 months. We’ve been working on the design of our brand new website and logo. We are excited to finally be able to share these with you.

We are looking forward to the next chapter of Do-IT, as we continue to build on our work, championing neurodiversity, inclusion and wellbeing. The past year has seen us work with more organisations than ever before. These organisations are all taking steps towards being neuro-inclusive.

Whilst creating our new website, accessibility was vital. We worked with a wonderful Welsh web design team called New Wave Design, and added the ReciteMe plugin to our site.

What Is Website Accessibility?

When websites, apps, and other digital products are designed, coded, and presented correctly, everyone can use them. However, when content fails to meet recognised accessibility standards, people with disabilities may not be able to read, understand, or use online information.

Having an accessible and inclusive website benefits businesses, individuals, and society. However, the most recent research data from WebAIM shows that 97.4% of website homepages fail to meet current guidelines.

The Inspiration Behind our New Logo

Do-IT Solutions Logo


Anyone who follows Do-IT or our CEO Professor Amanda Kirby on social media will be familiar with our ‘Coloured Balls in the Bucket’ analogy. We took inspiration from this analogy explaining Neurodiversity Diagnoses for our new logo. The logo features the coloured balls as part of the design. You can read all about the ‘Wrong Coloured Balls’ principle below:


We can’t wait to show you what we have planned for Do-IT going forward. Head to our Contact Us page to talk to one of the team about how Do-IT can support you. From supporting Neurodivergent people to identify their strengths and challenges, to whole organisation consultancy and training.

Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also follow our CEO Professor Amanda Kirby on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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