Do-IT Profiler is a modular system, allowing organisations to select packages that best suits them. Additional packages are available, in addition to the standard package, which can be used with specific groups. Set up, maintenance and cost of packages are based on the size of an organisation and number of potential users.

Standard Package

  • The Standard Package contains a suite of screening and assessment tools, providing the individual, and for those supporting them into employment, with guidance and support .
  • The initial screening stage captures key information, including readiness for and any potential barriers to employment. These may include a variety of environmental and social barriers, such as transportation challenges, skills levels, personal interests and circumstances (for example, being a carer at home), as well as motivation levels. This information can be used as a basis to use further tools, allowing a more detailed screening to aid planning.
  • The available literacy and numeracy assessments measure skills levels. These tools can also be further contextualised for specific job settings, and aligned to specific work functions, such as working in the healthcare sector, etc.
  • Screening for learning difficulties traits can be undertaken. These can include ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia (DCD), dyscalculia and social and communication challenges.
  • Information relating to an individual’s wellbeing and triggers can be ascertained.
  • Do-IT Profiler is modular , meaning all elements of the Standard Package do not need to be all completed at once, and can easily be broken into 15-30 minute units. Upon completion, a personalised report is generated for the individual and the advisor, with resources and support materials (in accessible formats).
  • The Standard Package sits on an interactive and robust Management Information Platform, allowing for detailed and automated monitoring, measuring usage and outcomes at all levels.
  • Do-IT Profiler’s helpdesk provides a detailed manual.

Enhanced Packages

Examples of enhanced packages may include:

  • additional modules specifically designed for groups within an organisation, such as ex-offenders, those with learning difficulties or mental health conditions, etc.;
  • detailed literacy, numeracy and IT assessments;
  • job matching tools;
  • employer resources, including how to provide suggested reasonable adjustments.

Monitoring and review tool

This tool can be used on its own, or used as an add-on to the standard package.

All organisations need to track performance and monitor change. Do-IT Profiler provides the means to measure change over time, and interpret this information to assist with planning, support and development needs.

The information can be captured from more than one source, including from an individual, advisor and employer, to make comparisons to aid discussions, improve motivation and to help with target setting.

This information can inform outcome measures for both soft and hard skills.

Please contact us for more information and to discuss your organisation’s needs.

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