All modules have been built after extensive consultation and trialled with a number of offending settings across the UK. Do-IT Profiler can be used in various settings, including CRCs (Community Rehabilitation Companies) and YOIs. It can also be used in the community with organisations supporting ex-offenders. It can be translated into multiple languages allowing for options for the user but allowing data to be collected in English. 

Standard Package

  • The system sits on a Management Information platform and collects, analyses and collates all information. This provides the means of recording all data at an individual, group and organisational level. Data analytical tools are a part of the standard package.
  • The Standard Package collects basic demographic information, such as education, learning and support needs, and includes a screening tool for learning difficulties and disabilities.
  • The system could be used at any stage in the prison setting e.g. on induction or during the educational /training and support processes.
  • Support materials are provided as part of the package, including fact sheets and videos that assist the offender, all tailored to the offending setting and delivered depending on the responses.
  • Reports are in an easy to use colour-coded flagging system that  highlights those offenders that require additional support. An executive summary can also be provided to include additional relevant information.
  • This package is currently available in English and Welsh. It can be translated into other languages upon request.
  • Additional tools are available to measure distance-travelled /outcomes as an offender moves  including soft and hard measures.

Education Package

  • The Education Package contains a suite of literacy,numeracy and ICT assessments, providing support. Included is a module for assessing functional literacy skills.
  • This package goes beyond testing literacy and numeracy skills as a ‘whole’ and provides targeted guidance, showing exactly where the offender has difficulties, resulting in more focused support and teaching.

Resettlement and Skills for Work Package

  • The Resettlement  and Skills for Work Package contains modules and resources to help prepare for work and resettlement.
  • The tools in this package include a CV maker, job seeking tools, and support on applying and preparing for jobs, help with disclosure.There are also modules on strengths finders to discuss ideas relating to transferable skills.These have been developed specifically for this context.
  • This package includes a wealth of support materials, including fact sheets and videos, to assist the offender in resettlement and in training. These include guidance on how to search for a job, the management of finances, disclosing to an employer, and dealing with housing issues.

Health and Wellbeing Package

  • The Health and Wellbeing Package contains modules and resources to help with managing stress and promoting mental health and wellbeing
  • The tools  have been developed specifically for this context.
  • This package includes a wealth of support materials, including fact sheets and videos, to assist the offender.


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