Do-IT helps Apprentice Providers to support Neurodiverse talent

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Individuals are all neurologically unique! The Do-IT Profiler enables better conversations and reduces the need for expensive assessments. Unfortunately, individuals don’t always know they have a learning disability/ differently or mental health challenges. Those that are neurodiverse will have overlapping difficulties and strengths to the lesser or greater extent. Do-IT Profiler provides this understanding so […]

Do-IT Profiler launching Profiling in prisons across Scotland

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Research has shown that approximately 1 in 3 people in prison potentially have a learning difficulty or disability (LDD) and many of whom won’t have had their needs identified before entering justice settings.  Working with international neurodevelopmental expert Professor Amanda Kirby, the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) is leading the way in this area of intervention. […]

Amanda Kirby delivering keynote at Cambridge Schools conference in Sri Lanka, 27th November 2018

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 Keynote in Colombo relates to neurodiversity and why consider the need to identify and support all children in the classroom and not some. Amanda highlighted the evidence for this and provided practical strategies for schools to take this on board. 5Cs for schools: Connect– to develop a trusted relationship Comprehend how each child behaves and […]

Amanda Kirby chairs Neurodiversity event with KPMG and Civil Service in London

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Amanda chaired the meeting on Neurodiversity in London today that was introduced by the Disability Minister Sara Newton. She emphasised the role of companies to become Disability Confident. Do-IT Solutions is the first company in Wales to gain Leader status and Amanda has championed the course from the start.   Do-IT Solutions are now going one […]

Dr Who character has Dyspraxia

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Amanda Kirby asked to comment about the new Dr Who Character. “It’s important for people with dyspraxia, especially young people, to have positive role models that show dyspraxia need not hold you back,” said Amanda Kirby, an advisor on dyspraxia to the British Dyslexia Association and Professor of Developmental Disorders at the University of South […]

Training in Neurodiversity for UK Athletics

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  Amanda Kirby delivered training on Neurodiversity in the Workplace for UK Athletics. “Amanda delivered a comprehensive and engaging webinar about Neurodiversity to our staff at UK Athletics during National Inclusion.  The feedback from our staff was overwhelming, in the sense where they were able to expand their knowledge of neurodiversity and share thoughts with […]

Article published in Probation Quarterly

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Helen Arnold Richardson and Professor Amanda Kirby publish an article they have written in the September issue of Probation Quarterly discussing the use of computer screening in this setting. This article presents the latest research relating to overlap between learning difficulties and disabilities and the rationale for the person centered approach that the Do-IT espouses. […]

Paper published in Quality Network for Prison Mental Health Services Newsletter

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Kirby published an article in the newsletter on Using Computers to Screen for Learning Difficulties and Disabilities.(LDD)   The article showed the evidence for overlap between LDDs and the rationale for a whole person approach. Additionally, the benefits of using a computer system were explained including saving time, improving consistency, delivering accessibility, a means of […]

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