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Welcome to Dyslexia+ Profiler and Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler

Dyslexia+ Profiler has been designed for anybody who wants to have a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses relating to reading, spelling, writing and also other associated challenges around focusing and concentrating; organising and coordinating; social and communicating; and maths difficulties and wants practical and personalised guidance.

Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler has been designed for those in work who need to understand their challenges in the context of the workplace. It also provides guidance for the employer with suggested reasonable adjustments.

What's included

  • Modules to gather information about you and your challenges and strengths. In order to draw conclusions and provide guidance, all modules need to be completed.
  • Personalised guidance dependent on your responses
  • Resources, including fact sheets, links to online resources, sound files and videos

Is this right for me?

Dyslexia+ Profiler is a screening tool for individuals to use.

Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler can also be used for organisations to help screen and support their employees.

Dyslexia+ Profiler

Dyslexia+ Profiler provides a means to see if you have traits associated with dyslexia and/ or other neurodiverse conditions.

Workplace+ Profiler

Neurodiversity Workplace Profiler has been designed for those in work.

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