The purpose of this section is to provide the employer, advisor, or recruiter with a basic understanding of the issues around hidden impairments (also known as learning difficulties) alongside mental health and wellbeing and their relevance to the workplace.

With 1 in 8 of the workforce being neurodiverse, each person can bring talent to the workplace but may also need some support to maximise their skills.

The aim  of the guides are  to help employers to work effectively with all individuals, whether they have a diagnostic label or not, harnessing their strengths and supporting any challenges that they may encounter.

Practical guides you can download are:

Employers toolkit – Practical guide to making your work setting accessible and inclusive

Practical guide to making reasonable adjustments in the workplace

For an easy to use guide for employers and employees in paperback and e-book format also see:

How to succeed with specific learning difficulties in employment

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