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Colleges and 6th Form

How will it help the students and the college?

Challenges for most colleges is to deliver a cost and time effective solution to allow students to gain appropriate support. Ideally, this is delivered before ‘real challenges’ emerge and students are at increased risk of ‘dropping out’.
Not all students come with a ‘label’. Some students may be re-entering education after a long break; others may have had challenges since school days and know they need help and want this straight away. Others may have never had their needs assessed and be struggling and find it hard to ask for help.
Neurodiversity Profiler offers an equitable approach to pin point early who needs support and delivers a person-centred approach.
Some sixth form colleges are deploying across the campus as a part of the induction process, meaning that every student is supported from the beginning of the year.

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1 in 8 students will come to college and may be neurodiverse. Some won’t have their needs already identified.
Here are some of the conditions and traits associated with some neurodiverse conditions:
What are some of the conditions under the umbrella of neurodiversity

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