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What does Do-IT Profiler do?

  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses of learners.
  • Helps smooth the pathway of transition from primary to secondary school and beyond. Primary schools can provide detailed information on Day 1 to the secondary school.
  • Measures a learner’s knowledge and understanding of literacy and numeracy
  • Assesses the learner’s emotional wellbeing.
  • Explores the study skills in secondary school learners and targets support.
  • Helps identify the ‘learners of concern’ who may have additional Learning Difficulties, e.g. literacy, numeracy, social, language, attention and communication challenges.
  • Enhances parental engagement.
  • Provides instant feedback and guidance to teachers and learners (where appropriate).
  • Groups learners skills to support with lesson and pedagogic planning and delivery of support.
  • Can help track and monitor progress and wellbeing, measuring distance travelled at learner, class, school and authority level to aid data driven decision making.
  • Can support learners who may be identified as at greater risk of being excluded.
  • Provides the detailed analysis to allow for truly learner-centred planning to take place.
  • Data can be exported into most systems.
Images showing a stack of books with an apple on top, pencils and alphabet blocks

Do-IT Profiler provides information for the educator:

  • At an learner level with specific reports for each learner, targeting where support is needed and guidance on how to do so
  • At a class level, guidance how to group students with similar needs, and guidance on delivering the support
  • At a school level (or across a geographic area or cluster of schools), providing in-depth analysis of multiple data sets to track progress class to class, year to year
  • At a local authority, regional and national level. Do-IT Profiler can draw all the information (data) together and provide valuable insights and analytics for planning and interventions, in an instant, efficient and cost-effective way
  • Do-IT Profiler enables educators, head teachers and administrators to have powerful reports, as well as high-level individualised and aggregated data
  • Do-IT Profiler is used in educational establishments all over the world and can be translated into many languages (as per customer request)


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