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What’s in the Profiler system?

  • Is quick and easy to set up
  • Provides practical and person-centred guidance
  • Enables better and more informed conversations with HR, line managers and the person
  • Reduces the need for expensive assessments
  • Can link to other systems
  • Can be used at home, work or on the move
  • Designed to work for your organisation and the individual
  • Tried and tested


At the present time recruitment and interview processes can put off some people for applying for jobs (you don’t know who doesn’t apply!) or may result in the person finding work in their current job harder to do despite potentially having the skills to do so, or not advancing in the organisation.We can help with tools and training.

The Profiler tools deliver:

  • A quick and accurate understanding of the individual
  • Recommendations for the person so reasonable adjustments can be planned for and put in place in a timely manner
  • An personalised report
  • Support and training for staff can be provide to have helpful and meaningful conversations and increase confidence
  • Coaching tools to help with ongoing support
  • Detailed data and predictive analytics can help your organisation
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