Do-IT wins major award supporting youths into employment

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Do-IT wins major award supporting youths into employment


One in five unemployed youths has significant hidden challenges that make it difficult for them to find and retain a job. Do-IT Solutions, a Cardiff-based company, has just won the West Midlands Combined Authority’s prestigious Urban Challenge award (Youth section) with a project that engages with this group and offers them real hope for employment.


Do-IT’s winning proposal involved using its modular screening and assessment system, Profiler, to help identify a young person’s strengths, as well as the challenges they face. Profiler takes into account the complexities of life in the 21st century and uses a holistic approach to address the whole person and their past history.


CEO Professor Amanda Kirby says: “The aim is to help and support disadvantaged young people to access local job, training and entrepreneurship opportunities through the identification of their skills and abilities as well as the challenges in their lives. Targeted support and guidance will be provided for these young people, as well as for those working alongside them as trainers, employers, youth leaders, work coaches and advisors. We are delighted to be working with organisations in West Midlands on this exciting project”.


Do-IT has worked with a range of organisations and institutions to help ensure a fit-for-purpose service, including welfare to work, apprenticeship schemes, the Criminal Justice System and social services across the UK.



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