Our purpose

“Everyone has potential but some people don’t have the means to recognise or the tools to optimise.”

At Do-IT Solutions, we strive to be the global market leader in Neurodiverse screening and assessments through providing innovative, valuable and stable products that help, both, organisations and individuals to improve inclusivity and enable each person to achieve their best self.

Our values

Learning is key

Recognised expertise in learning difficulties, disabilities and neurodiversity.


Across multiple sectors education, into work, employment and justice.


Varying employment settings – authorities, government and education.

Challenges & opportunities

Building trusted, sustainable relationships with organisations to drive value.


Agile solutions, bespoke to your organisation including our Training Packages.


Practical solutions to optimise delivery models and ensure effectiveness.

Founder and CEO

Professor Amanda Kirby


Professor Amanda Kirby is very unusual and has the unique experience of straddling health, education, and the workplace.

She is a qualified GP and worked in adult psychiatry and stress management but changed her career when her 2nd child was diagnosed with Dyspraxia at 3 years of age. Her experience and frustrations ( at times) as a parent finding her way around the health and educational system led to her consequently starting up an interdisciplinary specialist centre for parents, and children in Wales more than 25 years ago in order to be able to provide practical robust support.

Her family is very neurodivergent with children and adults with a range of diagnoses of dyslexia, autism, developmental co-ordination disorder ( also known as Dyspraxia), developmental language disorder and ADHD ( and more!) and this has provided her with a unique understanding, insight and a passion that continues to raise awareness and champion best practices both in education and employment.

She is an emeritus professor at the University of South Wales and has lectured to more than 100,000 individuals worldwide, written over 100 research papers, and become internationally recognized in the field of neurodiversity as both a clinician and researcher. She has delivered consultancy, tools and training to all size organisations across the UK and internationally including South Wales Police, Post Office, Admiral, RAF, JP Morgan and for DWP and MOJ.

Amanda has been on government advisory boards (e.g. Hidden Impairment National Group) as well as advising UK and international charities in the field of neurodiversity. This includes being a patron of the Dyspraxia Association in New Zealand, Chair of Movement Matters UK, and works with great UK charities including the Dyspraxia Foundation, British Dyslexia Association, North East Autism Society, and is a trustee of the ADHD Foundation campaigning to embrace neurodiversity. She acts as a clinical advisor to the Witherslack group.

Amanda’s skill lies in her being a collaborator and a knowledge translator. This allows her to traverse disciplines and bring interdisciplinary working together.
Amanda leads with evidence-based research and uses this information to develop robust ways to provide practical solutions that make real changes for families and clinicians. Her Ph.D. (after she became a professor) was relating to to the changes that go on in adolescence in emerging adulthood and she developed web based screening tools which are now used internationally in the workplace.

Over the years she has written 9 books for children, parents, the health and educational professionals and for the workplace which have been translated into different languages.

Ten years ago she realised to reach and support more people effectively she needed to develop web-based solutions.

She has developed accredited accessible e-learning courses for employers in partnership with the ADHD Foundation to raise awareness and increase inclusive practice.

Raising standards are important to Amanda and Do-IT Solutions were the first company in Wales to gain Disability Confident Leader status.

During Covid-19 she has delivered webinars to more than 5000 professionals nationally and internationally including for Inclusive Companies, DWP Ability Network, for MOJ, and ERSA to name a few. She has recently been delivering a programme called “Survive, Revive and Thrive – wellbeing for you and your teams” and has developed a wealth of freely available resources. She has just been one of the judges for the top 50 Inclusive Employers awards. She was recently voted one of the LinkedIn’s Top 20 Voices of 2020 in the UK.

Amanda’s passion to make changes in society and increase the chances of showcasing talents for neurodivergent children and adults especially in work settings remains as strong as it was 30 years ago.

Managing Director

Helen Arnold-Richardson


Helen has spent over a decade in senior leadership roles in the Education, Criminal Justice and Commercial sectors. At the start of her career, she specialised in law and later entered the teaching profession as she had a real passion for developing people.

It was whilst lecturing law that she decided to use her skills to support the development of people in the criminal justice system. She spent many years teaching in prison and leading large teams that delivered education across the prison estate. In her senior leadership roles, she worked on European projects, sat on strategic boards and advisory groups to support reducing reoffending through offender learning.

Helen wanted to expand her skills and knowledge further and accepted a leadership role responsible for the delivery of learning and development in Wales as part Centrica’s national learning and development team.

She joined Do-IT Solutions Ltd in 2018 as the Business Director and was promoted to Managing Director in 2020 to take the company on the next stage of the journey to be the market leader for neurodiverse screening, assessments, and training.

Helen has always been an avid boxing fan and is the Non-Executive Director responsible for Safeguarding for the Welsh Amateur Boxing Association.