Neurodiversity Training

The Do-IT training team, led by Professor Amanda Kirby, have delivered neurodiversity training to 1000s’ of people nationally and internationally. We offer a range of training courses to help you build a neuro-inclusive culture in your organisation. From one hour Lunch & Learns and e-learning modules, right through to an OCN Level 4 accredited Neurodiversity Aware® Award programme.

We also offer bespoke consultancy through a network of experts, coaches and leaders to deliver full consultancy solutions.

  • One hour sessions
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Half day sessions
  • One day courses

Our Training Courses & Consultancy

Neurodiversity Aware® Award programme

Our OCN Level 4 accredited Neurodiversity Aware® Award programme is designed for those wanting to gain a greater understanding of neurodiversity to help create neuroinclusive workplaces in order to support individuals in the workplace.


Our E-learning modules allow your organisation to gain the Neurodiversity Friendly ®Award. Our e-learning packages comprise of bite-size modules that can be completed anytime, anywhere and at your own pace within a 12 month period. These can be purchased alongside our training or as stand-alone training solutions for your organisation.

Neurodiversity Consultancy

We work with a network of experts, coaches and leaders in other areas of inclusion to provide expert advice and support, delivering full consultancy solutions so your organisation can be fully neuro-inclusive. We can also help you complete a Neuro-inclusive Maturity Gap Assessment that helps aid future planning

Our training focus

We provide training for a range of different sectors where we ensure the content is age and contextually appropriate. The sectors we work with include education employment, justice, housing; charities, and healthcare. With a mix of the latest research and practical strategies, our training is engaging, lively and interactive.

Topics can include:

  • What is neurodiversity? What do all the labels mean?
  • To label or not – that is the question?
  • Why take a person-centred approach?
  • Developing a whole organisational approach to support
  • Practical strategies: for education, training, and work settings – for managers, trainers and for the individual.
  • Supporting parents of neurodiverse children in your organisation.

What you’ll get as part of our training

Recognised expertise

Recognised expertise in neurodiversity.

Wide coverage

Across multiple sectors education, into work, employment and justice.

Bespoke settings

Training specifically for the organisation.

A trusted service

Building trusted, sustainable relationships with organisations to drive value.

Flexible solutions

Agile solutions, bespoke to your organisation including our Training Packages.

Optimised delivery

Practical solutions to optimise delivery models and ensure effectiveness.

Want to get started?

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Our Customers

Customer testimonials

We love hearing from our customers, here’s what some of our clients who have completed training with us had to say about Do-IT…

University of Nottingham Logo

University of Nottingham

“The Do-It Profiler is more than a screener and it has proved to be a really effective resource for the University. It has been invaluable in supporting the increasing number of students exploring the possibility of having a Specific Learning Difference. Not only does the report it produces support students in deciding whether they wish to undertake a formal assessment for a range of SpLDs, but the program also helps each student identify their strengths and limitations and matches this profile to various study resources, so empowering independent student learning. Several academic schools have benefitted from using the latter aspect of the Do It Profiler during their transition programmes.”
Right Resources Ltd Logo

CEO, Janette Beetham, Right Resources Ltd

“Having used the Do-IT Profiler ‘Workplace Assessors+’ with individuals in a cross section of workplace settings for the past 18 months I would definitely recommend it to those qualified to undertake workplace needs assessments. The multi-modular nature of the Do-IT Workplace Assessors+ means you can select the most appropriate and useful elements to provide a more bespoke screening experience for each individual.”

Deborah Reeve, Admiral

“Here at Admiral, we were interested in exploring Psychometric testing in Recruitment. We wanted to identify what ‘great’ looks like in specific departments across the business and use this measure to enhance our selection process. We began with a benchmark of companies that provide psychometric testing. After a broad analysis of several potential providers, we opted for Do-IT who do things differently…Candidates, Recruitment Managers and Department Managers alike have found the tool useful and we are looking forward to developing it further and discovering more opportunities to use Do-IT across the business!”
St Helens Youth Justice Service Logo

Operational Manager, Lee Matthews, St Helens Youth Justice Service

“Do-IT profiler’ has been an invaluable in assisting Youth Justice Service practitioners to identify the neurodiverse strengths and challenges of the children that we work with. Using this tool, practitioners have been able to tailor plans and interventions specifically with each child in mind. In addition, practitioners have been able to share findings with other key agencies to ensure a each child’s needs are supported appropriately across the partnership. Regular data analysis from the team has also helped us to gain a greater understanding of the neurodiversity of children known to our service.”

People Partner, Karina Olver, FSCS

“The Financial Services Compensation Scheme has recently worked closely with Do-IT Profiler and Dr. Amanda Kirby to progress our inclusivity work with a particular focus on Neurodiversity and how we can best support our colleagues. Dr. Kirby held an informative learning session on Neurodiversity with our colleagues, which was invaluable for all that attended. We also undertook the Neurodiversity Confident – Gap Analysis and Disability Confident – Gap Analysis which helped us highlight any areas for development where we could take further steps to improve our ways of working and processes. We are proud that we have recently received our Disability Confident Leader status, and Do-It Profiler has been instrumental with their guidance and support in helping us achieve this.”

Group Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Giles M Barker, BT

“We have had the pleasure of Amanda facilitating two excellent neurodiversity training sessions as part of our Disability Rapid Action Plan. The first took us through an introduction to neurodiversity and the second looked at neurodiversity and children. These created a lot of engagement and questions from the large audiences that attended both sessions.”